G-1 Tactical Solutions

G-1 Tactical Solutions, LLC.

G-1 Tactical Solutions focuses its operations on security services, investigation, and training. Our training is done by professional instructors, US and UK military Special Forces instructors as well as former FBI, CIA and police SWAT instructors. We offer many different modules for individuals interested in a career in security, client security staff in need of increased skills and proficiency levels, military and law enforcement personnel interested in the executive protection services and other security companies wanting to improve the ability of their security personnel. These courses are also open to individuals, law abiding citizens for self defense.

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G-1 Pipeline

The “Pipeline” is a trademark of G-1 Tactical Solutions, LLC. Its focus is on “Core Fundamentals” of body mechanics and muscle memory. G-1 believes that by focusing on these points you will develop a fast and effective approach in your ability to apply all ranges of armed and un-armed combat. Our developmental program is based on the Close Quarter fighting method. It is close quarter hand-to-hand combat (WingTsun principles), Edged weapon Close Quarter Combat (Pekiti Tirsia Kali) and CQB firearms methods from the (US Special Forces and UK/AUS SAS). By developing and honing your skills in a close quarter environment through repetitive drills and scenarios, the practitioner will have the efficiency of movement and reaction time necessary to thrive in any combat scenario.

G-1 Training

Three Operating Sectors

The Pipeline is categorized into three operating sectors.

1. The Student Stage

In this stage you learn the technical and fundamental necessities in armed and un-armed combat. Firearms, hand-to-hand, edged & impact weapons.

2. The Technician Stage

In this stage you will be exposed to simunitions training, team tactics and combat scenarios with role playing programs.

3. The Practician Stage

In this stage you will have the ability to adapt to different scenarios and apply CQB efficiency and mobility without hesitation, flowing from one scenario to the next, employing hand-to-hand, firearms and edged weapons. Many different operating skills will be administered to your technical training modules. Such as: Combat Medic/Defensive & Evasive driving-surveillance/counter-surveillance/anti-surveillance/counter-terrorism/ room clearing/tubular assault/maritime operations & anti-piracy/aviation security/ Hostage and negotiations/ intelligence-counter-intelligence, etc.


All students participating in G-1 Tactical courses must send completed G-1 application form and waiver as well as bring a current and valid background check from their place of residence, current and valid identification and be aware that all students records will be kept and we have the right to present his/her documents to Homeland Security to avoid any issues arising from National Security. This can be done before, during or after any G-1 Tactical course. We will not teach civilians, US or other, any military tactics or combat maneuvers that could effect US National Security.

Application Form

Release Form


"I had an awesome time in the November 2010 course. I missed the December course due to work commitments, but will be attending all of the 2011 courses, work allowing. Bring it."



Search and assess... move!!!! Bust "em"... Ok, these are just some terms from my first class with G-1 Tactical. I honestly had my reservations about guns, had a few trips to the range maybe 4 times my whole life. All the things I learned from the G-1 system I absorbed instantly. The system allows you to grasp all the tasks with ease and is embedded into you permanently. Being a civilian, I now feel safer around pistols and rifles. G-1 also also teaches you to troubleshoot under stressful conditions. Right movement, with a partner or with a team, a step by step method you can apply in real life scenarios. I recommend G-1 Tactical whether you are a newbie or a veteran. As they say, the best body guard is yourself. The thing I most loved about the class was troubleshooting which was my greatest fear. Well, that problem was solved in less than 30 minutes. Many thanks to the instructors of G-1 Tactical; you guys made things really easy for us and not to mention fun. Went in a civilian... went out a warrior.


--Donny Elvina