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G-1 Security Tip 39When doing investigative work for some of our clients, we are able to quickly assess their lifestyle and habitual tendencies. What time the dad goes to work and the routes he takes to work? When he leaves the office and how long it takes for him to get home? What kind of school and non-school activities the children have and whether or not the mom likes to shop. When we do our initial security assessments, these are some of the things we tell our customers to try and mix up the best they can.

It's often the easiest way for potential burglars, kidnappers or hijackers to take advantage of when staking out their next victim. You may think you are above getting targeted, think again. Believe it or not, by taking some of these precautions, they may have decided to move on to another family after seeing how "on the ball" you are. Criminals prey on easy targets, they're a business too and quotas have to be met in order for them to keep their territory. Hard targets get scratched off the list.

Keep this in mind during your next family sit down and take a few moments to explain the importance of being unpredictable to outsiders looking in.