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What gear do I need to bring?

You will be required to bring all necessary holsters, mag pouches, slings, boots, minimum x2 cargo pants, shirts or polo shirts, hats, eye and ear protection, sunscreen, gloves, elbow/knee padding, hydration, a good attitude and an open mind. One G-1 Tactical shirt and hat will be given to each participant and others will be on sale during training.

Can I rent weapons or bring my own weapons?

If you are based in the Philippines and have a PTT for your weapons during the course dates, you may and are urged to bring your own weapons (handgun-carbine-shotgun-bolt action).

If you are not based in the Philippines and require a rental weapon during the course, G-1 has weapons with registered PTT’s for use during the course dates. You will be required to bring matching holsters and mag pouches for the specified weapon. Glock 17-M4-Mossberg etc.

What does the course fee include?

The course fee on this website only includes the actual instruction. If you require us to assist you with any of the above mentioned requirements, there will be an additional charge, i.e. ammunition, weapons rental, hotel, flights, etc.

Is there a hotel nearby for us to stay?

G-1 Tactical has a very good relationship with hotels in Angeles and Clark. During the courses, it is advised that all participants stay in the same hotel for logistical ease. Average cost of hotel is US$50 per night. For actual costs please enquire. G-1 will include in pricing proposal.

What about food and drink during our stay?

G-1 Tactical will not provide breakfast, lunch or dinner unless requested by an individual or group at an additional cost. Some of our hotel groups will provide breakfast included with your hotel room. Lunch is usually ordered as a group during training and paid individually. Dinner is open to wherever you would like to eat in the City of Angeles or Clark (Korean-Japanese-Italian-American). We will usually pick a place together and make reservations for us as a group and pay individually. As for drinks, we typically stop at the store before the course and we (instructors and students) all buy drinks and stock up the cooler with ice, because it’s hot out there.

What about transportation?

G-1 Tactical provides all ground transportation from airport pick up to airport drop off. You will not need a vehicle unless you want to go off on your own at the end of the course.


G-1 Tactical can and will make all flight reservations by request. If you are based in Hong Kong, we will most likely handle all arrangements, except packing your bag for you. If you are not based in Hong Kong and will be flying to the Philippines, you will need to book your flights to Clark (Pampanga) Philippines, which is about 2 hours northwest of Manila. However, if there is a large group arriving to Manila, special arrangements can be made to transport you to Clark without having to take another flight. Average cost of flights from Hong Kong to Clark is $200 USD round trip.

Is there a hospital nearby?

The hospital is only 10 minutes from the Training site and can handle most medical needs and a medivac on helicopter is only 50 minutes to Manila. A trauma unit is in Subic Bay (30 minutes from the training site) with world class setup for American servicemen based in Subic in the 80’s.

Do you have first aid onsite?

G-1 Tactical always has a certified medical technician and trauma kit onsite during all training days for any medical need from one of our participants.

Can we go out at night?

The city of Angeles is very lively at night and has been since the 1950’s. It became a popular destination for American servicemen when Clark Air Base was still under US control. Today it hosts tourists from around the world. If you want to have an evening out on the town, G-1 staff will escort you to safe and friendly hotspots. But make sure you set your alarm, because training starts early. That’s why we prefer everyone to stay in the same hotel. It keeps the G-1 staff from having to drive around waking everyone up in the morning.

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