G-1 Tactical Solutions

G-1 Tactical Solutions, LLC.

G-1 Tactical Solutions focuses its interests in three operating sectors:

  1. Security Services
  2. Private Investigations
  3. (L/E & MIL), (SEC & CIVILIAN) Tactical Firearms Training

Our operations base is in South East Asia, with home offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines. As a global entity, we strive to offer our services worldwide. Our security, investigations and training services are divided between government, corporate and private clientèle. In these three categories, we perform a number of related services.

Government Services

Our government contracts began with training services to local Government agencies to help train field operatives in advanced firearms tactics. This has proven very successful for us and their field operatives. These opportunities have led to numerous security operations, surveillance & investigations for these agencies, which we continue to provide today.

Corporate Services

Our corporate services began in the same manner. We began by offering our corporate training programs: Team Building Challenge – Leadership Program – Executive Adventures. We developed these programs to help develop their managers, senior management and top level executives. Since their enrollment in our programs, many companies have also begun contracting our security services. For a list of those services please see corporate security.

Private Services

Our private customers approach us for many different reasons, whether security or training. Most often, the services are investigative needs or protective services while traveling. For a list of those services please see private security. In the training sector, people come from all walks of life. They come for self defense (personal protection), a keen interest in firearms, martial artists wanting to have the same confidence or capabilities with an impact weapon and security professionals wanting to take their training or skills to the next level.

The Team

G-1 prides itself on two contributing factors: skill and motivation. Our key personnel, Instructors and field operatives are highly skilled in their chosen profession. We have worked and trained at a very high level within the military and law enforcement community. We remain motivated in serving our government (L/E & MIL), protecting those in the line of duty, protecting our streets, our borders and our troops on foreign soil. We are determined to remain steadfast in our pursuit as a global entity in the security, investigations and training sector.

Chris Collins (G-1 Tactical)Chris Collins

CEO / Chief Instructor / Director of Training

Chris has spent 9 years in the USMC as a member of 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company. He has 12 years of experience in the security industry, working worldwide and a lifetime in the martial arts, from Western boxing and greco-roman wrestling to WingTsun, Jujitsu and Kali. His expertise lies in his use of hand-to-hand combat, edged and impact weapons, firearms (handgun/carbine/shotgun), explosives, combat tactics and physical endurance. He has spent the past 15 years focused on the development of the G-1 Pipeline. He has taught US Force Recon Marines, British and Australian SAS members, SWAT team members and private security contractors from around the world.


Gary Gotidoc (G-1 Tactical)Gary Gotidoc

V.P. / Firearms Instructor / Director of Operations

Gary spent 7 years in the US Army. After leaving the US Army, he worked for the DOD in numerous force operations against drug traffickers in the US. He has also worked with local Philippine law enforcement agencies taking down foreign criminals. Gary has been a mixed martial artist for several years, studied Muay Thai for 6 years. and Brazilian JuJitsu. He also holds a black belt in Taekwondo. Gary's firearms training, leadership principles and sheer motivation make him an integral part of the G-1 team. His expertise is his use of the M-4 Carbine and Close Quarter Combat (CQC).


Damon Mathews

Firearms and Security Instructor & Consultant

Damon has spent 21 years in the US military, as a USMC Primary Marksmanship Instructor, an Infantry Platoon Leader and Scout sniper; he is well versed in operating weapons as well as operating in a leadership and instructor role. He has worked with several federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies as well as served on multiple Joint Task Forces and instructed Special response teams. He is a Force Protection Specialist, having worked in Security Operations in the Middle East, the Balkans, South America and the Caribbean. Damon is currently a competitive shooter in the United States. Damon's expertise is in long distance shooting and Team Tactics.

Rommel Tortal

Edged and Impact Weapons Instructor

Rommel is known worldwide for his hand-to-hand combat, edged weapons and impact weapons instruction. Particularly his use of the blade. He is currently teaching US Special Forces as well as the Philippine Special Forces, including Marine Force Recon. He is also teaching the PNP and local Philippine SWAT teams. Many of his students are currently instructing military and law enforcement personnel around the world.

Jasper De Ocampo

Edged and Impact Weapons Instructor / Medical Technician

Jasper is the longest serving active Pekiti-Tirsia Tactical Instructor in the Philippines, conducts training for units of the Philippine National Police and other government agencies, also conducts annual special instructional periods during Joint US and other ASEAN Military Exercises such as Vector Balance Piston and the Balikatan. Previously served as Safety Coordinator of Asian Development Bank-Philippines and pioneer of the Hercules Team of State Department, US Embassy-Manila.

Jason Wells

Instructor / Consultant / Combat Medic

Jason has spent 13 years in the Armed Forces. He started off as a member of 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company, where he served 6 years, later transferring to the Air Force Combat Controllers. Jason is still an active member of Air force Special Operations Command and lends a hand to G-1 Tactical Solutions as an instructor/consultant in the states and abroad for military and law enforcement personnel. Jason has undeniable skills as a firearms instructor, Combat Dive Instructor, survival instructor, combat medic instructor and a true warrior in every sense of the word.

John Zablan

Assistant Instructor

John is a former school teacher with LaSalle University. He holds a Bachelors degree in education and design. However, John chose to change his life course when he saw the good he could do in serving his country. He realized in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of being an operator he had to begin with his training. He sought out G-1 Tactical Solutions for his tactical training. He worked his way up to being an assistant instructor with G1 Tactical. His experience in educating the human mind has translated into technical training with firearms and self-defense. He holds a black belt in Taekwondo and he is a former national Philippine champion. Now armed with the necessary skills to do his job, John has been selected to a Presidential (Special Task Force) aiding in the arrest of national and international criminals. His experience and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to the G1 team. John is still enrolled in the G-1 Pipeline in order to complete his G1 training and be his absolute best.